CATastrophe is a collaborative project completed by Valerie Kagehiro, Erin O'Neal, and myself in less than 9 weeks. I was responsible for all of the shading, lighting, and compositing for the short.

The film was created using Autodesk Maya and composited with Nuke.

it just doesn't cut it

This short film was a collaborative project submitted to SCAD's 24-hour animation contest, Savannijam 2017. I worked with two other students, Erin O'Neal and Valerie Kagehiro, to animate this in Toon Boom Harmony. I helped to write the story, and I specifically animated the chainsaw, lawnmower, Walmart, and exploding brain gags respectively. I additionally did the audio and video editing in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition.

hickety pickety

An animatic for a short film that uses a piece of audio out of context. All elements were completed by myself in Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe After Effects, except the audio, which is from Barney and Friends: Let's Go to the Farm.


A short music video that transitions from 2D to 3D animation. Completed by myself in Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya.

good night sprinkles

An animatic for a short film about a lost dog. Completed by myself in Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe After Effects. |

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